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 Fat Burning Fruits



Fat burning fruits are a dieter’s best friend. They require more calories to digest than the fruit contains. Utilizing fruit for snacks does away with any worry about gaining weight because of snacking. Fresh fruit actually helps you lose weight.

Fat Burning Fruits

Most of the fat burning is because of the fiber in the fruit, so drinking a glass of juice that has fiber and pulp reduced or removed is not the same as eating the actual fresh piece of fruit. The juicing process removes much of the fat burning benefit.

Almost all fresh fruit has this benefit built in. Just a few of your selections for fat burning snacks could be:

· Apples
· Blackberries
· Raspberries
· Strawberries
· Apricots
· Mangoes
· Cantaloupe
· Watermelon
· Oranges
· Tangerines
· Lemons
· Limes
· Grapefruit
· Prunes
· Grapes

The vitamins and minerals in fat burning fruits boost the immune system, and studies show that people who eat more than 2 servings of fruit daily have less chronic illness. 5 servings a day decreases your chance of heart attack and stroke. That’s the best reason yet to keep your fruit bowl stocked.

And here’s another; Fruit is extremely high in antioxidants. Several fruits have been shown to have a preventative or destructive effect on cancers. Acai Berry causes certain leukaemia cells to self-destruct. Purple grapes limit formation of certain cancer cells. Pomegranate studies show that it fights colon cancer, as has Aronia Berries. Lychee fruit causes breast cancer cells to die, and simple blueberries protect DNA, which could affect, or potentially prevent all types of cancer cells.
An overview of the studies seem to indicate that the more fresh fruit you incorporate into your diet the more beneficial it will be to your immune system and general health, decreasing the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, infections, and numerous other conditions.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health enhancing possibilities of fat burning fruits. As scientists and nutritionists explore the properties of this food group, more and more we begin to realize how important this neglected food is. Less than 50% of the population consumes the minimal amount of fruit recommended for health benefits.































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