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Think Yourself Slim

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Learn how self-hypnosis, a popular technique used by many celebrities can help you lose weight.

How does it work?

Weight loss self-hypnosis is safe, natural, and can be combined with healthy eating plans. With self-hypnosis you can re-program your mind to think differently, you can change the way your subconscious mind looks at food so you lose weight safely, easily and permanently.

Of course dieting and exercise can help you lose weight, but dieting and exercise alone will not correct the subconscious beliefs that cause people to overeat.

The "Think Yourself Slim" self-hypnosis audio can help you change your subconscious attitudes surrounding food. Once your subconscious mind begins to see food as nourishment for the body, you will find that your cravings for junk food and overeating diminish.

It can make it much easier to eat sensibly, exercise and become motivated to stay in shape. Hypnosis allows you to quickly learn how to think differently about food so that you change your habits permanently.

Listen to this CD every day and you will soon find that you are automatically eating less food and making healthier choices.

What will I hear?

You'll hear a powerful hypnosis session, which runs 16 minutes, in the privacy of your own home. This recording features time tested hypnotherapeutic techniques including Neuro-linguistic programming, Ericksonian hypnosis and direct suggestions in combination with subliminal suggestions.

Listen to this recording every day for at least three weeks, at a time when you can devote at least an hour to feeling completely relaxed (most people listen to the recording prior to falling asleep at night).

The simple truth is that you don’t have to live on a diet or exercise like mad. You don’t have to resort to dangerous diet pills or liposuction surgery. This CD will help you lose weight – quickly, safely and permanently. You will have the staying power to get fit multiplied by a 1000 fold with ZERO effort!

This self-hypnosis technique is so simple, yet provides amazing results! Place your order now to ensure you get your "Think Yourself Slim" MP3 Audio for only $11.99! (limited time special offer).


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Think Yourself Slim

Think Yourself Slim, Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3

Weight Loss Self Hypnosis

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