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The HCG Diet Revolution

Dr. Simeons Miracle Diet Exposed!

You may have recently heard about the "HCG Diet Protocol" or "Homeopathic HCG" and you're wondering what it's all about. Before you jump onto the popular "HCG diet bandwagon" and try to slim yourself (or kill yourself), it’s imperative that you clue yourself up and be informed about the true facts of the HCG hormone and low calorie diet plan. Any substance that you put into your body which has the power to change your body’s chemistry could be potentially dangerous, or even life threatening.

"The HCG Diet Revolution: Dr. Simeons Miracle Diet Exposed!" reveals the hard-hitting new facts about the controversial HGC diet plan that has taken America by storm. In this book, you will discover everything you need to know about Dr. Simeons original HCG Diet for weight loss, learn the facts, the myths, the risks, and the hidden TRUTHS!


* Introduction
* What Is The HCG Diet Plan?
* About The Creator of The HCG Diet - Dr. Simeons
* What Is HCG?
* Dr. Simeons Amazing Weight Loss Breakthrough
* How Can HCG Hormones Help You Lose Weight?
* About The Reinventor Of The HCG Diet - Kevin Trudeau
* The 3 Phases of Dr. Simeons Original HCG Diet Protocol
* The Big Differences Between Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet Plan and Dr. Simeons
* HCG Injections The Lethal Risks
* HCG Drops The New Cure?
* Taking The Correct Dosage of HCG for Weight Loss
* The Best Places to Buy HCG
* The 500 Calorie HCG Diet How Can You Survive?
* What Can You Eat On The HCG Diet?
* HCG Diet Dangers And Side Effects
* Does The HCG Diet Really Work?
* And Much More!


The HCG Diet Revolution - Dr. Simeons Miracle Diet Exposed!


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    The HCG Diet In The News

KSL 5 News investigates Utah's HCG diet deals

Most of us want to drop a few pounds, and some of us need to. But how far are you willing to go to take off the weight?

Depending on who you speak to, the HCG diet could be a weight loss miracle or a dangerous weight loss scam

The HCG diet begins with a two day binge eating phase, where the individual is allowed to eat all the high caloric foods they can manage.

Next, dieters are introduced to the 500 calorie HCG diet plan and they are encouraged to consume only protein. The HCG injections or drops are also given.


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